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Every interaction with your customer should be tailored to their preferences. This means fewer clicks for your customer and lower cart abandonment for your business.

Alternative Text Author Sean MacDomhnall Shopping Carts & Platforms Lead at Realex Payments

Guest CheckoutDeliver the power of choice with optional registration

Offer a guest checkout to simplify the checkout experience and increase conversion

Making account registration a necessary part of an online purchase can contribute to lower conversion rates.

Eliminate mandatory account registration by offering your customer an option to either ‘Continue as guest’ or ‘Log in’ if they have an existing customer account.

Offering a Guest Checkout option simplifies the buying process and will help to increase your conversion rate.

Present a ‘Create account’ option once the sale is complete to simplify future purchases

Auto Complete DataSave the day with autofill

Improve the user experience by autocompleting their data where possible

Autofill is a function which allows customers to automatically pre-fill a form with existing personal details stored in their browser. Autofill can implemented through all major browsers.

To take advantage of this feature, you need to ensure autocomplete is enabled on your HTML form.

You can also make it easier for customers to place their order with Smart Suggest Autofill, a website plugin which provides APIs that simplify form filling to improve the customer buying experience.

Reduce checkout abandonment by autocompleting customer data when they input their payment details

Customer CurrencyTake a local approach for more international sales

Tailor the language and currency of your checkout based on a users location

The language of your website should be consistent throughout the customer journey. Even if you redirect the customer to a hosted party payment page during the checkout process, you should always have the ability to dynamically specify the language and currency displayed on the payment page.

Providing additional multi-currency and dynamic currency conversion options on your website helps to instil confidence in the international customer, increasing the likelihood of making a sale.

Provide a local user experience by tailoring language and currency options based on location

Store Card DetailsStore payment information and improve conversion

Store the user's payment information for return customers

Drastically reduce the time and effort spent by your customers entering their payment details by offering card tokenisation.

Card tokenisation allows customers to store their card details against their account, meaning that they will be able to avail of “one-click” payments for all future purchases, reducing checkout friction and improving conversion.

Allowing customers to store card details for “one-click” future purchases reduces friction and improves checkout conversion