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Checkout Heroes are embracing the mobile consumer in a world where you can reach new customers on more devices than ever before.

Alternative Text Author Alan Irwin Technical Lead at Realex Payments

Over 40% of Realex Payments’ online retail transactions are completed on a mobile device today. Trends suggest that mobile commerce will soon become the leading source of online revenue for businesses.

Responsive DesignDetect and adapt to the right device

Ensure a responsive mobile checkout design - Detect and adapt to the right device

A truly optimised mobile website will encourage your customer to have a longer interaction with your website content and make them more likely to complete a purchase, especially on a smartphone device.

There are multiple ways to adapt your website to fit every device and your payment page should follow whatever approach you take.

Your website & payment page should seamlessly adapt when customers access them on a mobile device

Appropriate KeyboardThink touchscreen friendly

Think touchscreen friendly and make sure that your mobile checkout has the appropriate keypad is displayed to the user

The appropriate keypad should be shown to your customer as and when they need it during the transaction process. Less touchscreen interaction, less abandonment.

Create a better mobile user experience by showing a numeric or alphabetic keypad for payment details