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Make it Safe | Security

Trust is key to any online transaction. You need a secure checkout that instils trust and communicates that purchasing from your website is safe and secure.

Alternative Text Author Matej Saksida Security Lead at Realex Payments

SSL Certificate & EncryptionProtect your checkout with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)

Improve your checkout process by displaying your SSL Certificate

Showcase a secure online payment process through SSL, a security technology which encrypts personal transaction details.

Google now takes SSL encryption into account when ranking your website. When shopping on your website, customers will see a green web address bar at the top of their browser with a padlock and ‘HTTPS’ appearing at the start of your web address.

This reassures your customer that the transaction is secure and cannot be intercepted. Your hosting company can recommend a high-quality SSL certificate to use on your website.

Showcase an SSL-encrypted payment process to reassure your customer that their transaction is secure

Trusted & Secure LogosEndorse your checkout with Trust Logos

Prevent checkout abandonment by showcasing secure and trusted logos

Ensure that trust and security logos are prominently displayed throughout your online checkout to build credibility with your customer.

You should also display logos of accepted payment methods throughout your website, not just on the payment page.

By clearly displaying the trust logos that help safeguard personal and payment details, customers will be reassured that the payment process is safe and secure.

Display trust & security logos throughout your online checkout to build credibility with the customer

PCI ComplianceDefend your checkout with PCI Compliance

Prevent checkout abandonment by adding a PCI compliance logo to your checkout page

Every eCommerce business that accepts, handles, transmits or stores credit card details is required to be PCI-DSS compliant.

Protect your customers’ data by understanding the level of PCI compliance required and the type of assessment you need to complete to reach this level.

PCI-compliant logos are becoming more visible on checkout pages to reassure the customer that the transaction is secure.

Ensure your payment provider meets latest PCI standards for maximum protection of your customer data

Customise PaymentDeliver a consistent payment experience

Deliver a consistent payment experience to prevent checkout abandonment and boost conversions

Creating a payment page with a look and feel that is consistent with the rest of your website reassures customers and helps to minimise checkout abandonment.

Ensure that your company logo is visible and your brand colour scheme is applied throughout the website, especially on your payment page. This is especially relevant if you are redirecting to a 3rd party hosted payment page.

Up to 20% of customers abandon their purchase due to lack of trust. A company-branded payment page can instil confidence in the buyer that the checkout is secure.

20% of customers abandon purchases due to lack of trust: a branded payment page demonstrates security