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Guiding your customers with visual prompts helps to speed up the purchase process, maximising your conversion rates.

Alternative Text Author Claire Bauden Product Design Lead at Realex Payments

Error Handling Be a real-time hero

Don’t punish the good guy. Your customers may make mistakes when entering their personal or payment details.

Be a real-time hero by validating your checkout form in the moment, line-by-line, so users know straight away if they have made an error.

Implement Real-Time Form Validation to reduce cart abandonment

Reduce cart abandonment by restricting character input & validating form fields via helpful error messages

Notify of RedirectSignal the next step to customers before it happens

Put your customers at ease by letting them know in advance the steps required for them to complete their order.

If your customer encounters unexpected steps during the checkout process, there is a far higher likelihood that the sale will be abandoned.

Prevent cart abandonment by notifying users of redirects

Be transparent with customers. If you use 3D Secure, let them know it forms part of the checkout process

Clear Checkout ProcessIllustrate simple steps to complete purchase

Let your customer visualise the steps they will be required to complete in order to make a purchase from your online store.

If there is no clear endpoint to a checkout process, there is a risk that customers will lose focus and drop off before the purchase is completed.

Develop a simple visual progress indicator and limit the checkout process to a maximum of 3 to 4 steps.

Prevent cart abandonment by providing a clear and simple step-by-step checkout process

A visual progress indicator allowing the user to navigate the checkout process helps increase conversion